Book Design

Undaunted courage


written, designed & Assembled

Course: Advanced Typography
Project: To design and assemble a book based on your own story
Faculty: Don Pollack
Level: Senior or Graduate
Duration of Project: One Semester

Project Brief: Assuming the role of the Author, I assembled (and created) a series of historic artifacts. My story began in the 1930's to the Apollo Mission in 1969. A written narrative introducing my central protagonist, Samuel Cody, in my fictional story. Cody grew up in Honolulu in the 1930's - the reason why I based my story here is because my great grandfather was a photographer and Naval officer stationed at Pearl Harbor, and my grandmother had kept her memories in a photo album, and I used those images to fill my book and inspire my story. The documentation includes journals, personal artifacts, photographs, studies, maps, letters, and invitations. All of these elements and documents were designed into a twenty-two-page handmade, hardbound book. This book is appropriately choreographed to the written narrative and consistent with my character's story.