Taking Measure Across Chicago


A student gallery show

I was part of a debut graduate level design project, Taking Measure; a four person collaboration curated by my typography professor during design school. Development spanned one semester and resulted in a gallery show. Our challenge was to communicate a series of maps to one another by means of design; a body map, psychological map, photo map, and coordinate map. I chose to base mapping around my architectural hero, Daniel Burnham, who is responsible for re-building Chicago after the fire. My map depicts Burnham and other architects that erected buildings navigated along my designed coordinate map.

Event Poster reads: "This work sets to coincide with the anniversary month of the great fire of Chicago. These four young artist/designers have 'taken measure' of Chicago in the downtown area by creating a compelling installation and artistic survey. Walking the vicinity of the original Fort Dearborn site at Michigan Avenue and the River, the result has produced four unique takes on the present day condition of the Windy City."

Opening Night: Sunday, October 23, 2011
Loft on Lake, 1366 W Lake Street Chicago, IL 60607