Love You Back Program

CONCEPT: TO Identify Hidden Valley Ranch brand advocates online and find creative ways to show our love back in Real time.

Description: Ethan is a college student and a serious HVR fan. He’s got 811 Twitter followers and lives with his brother and two roommates.Together, they have 270K combined social followers across channels (his brother is a YouTube personality). 
Recommendation: Send Ethan a poster calling out Steve Henson to hang in his dorm, as well as some free HVR product to share with his roommates (with the hope that we get some additional coverage from them) 
Reply Tweet: “We admire your choice in heroes & would like to send you somet hing as a token of our appreciation. Send a DM if interested"

My Contribution

I designed three 'college style' poster options for a quick turn-around to send to Ethan, a brand advocate on Twitter, to hang in his college dorm. Client chose the middle poster, and was sent to Ethan along with product and a note from Hidden Valley Ranch (pictured).


Taste Not Waste Program

CONCEPT: to create an invite for an event hosted by A  spokesperson.

Description: Chef Tom Colicchio (Spokesperson) hosted an event sharing tips about how you can use less than appealing foods so they don't go to waste. 


My Contribution

I designed a .GIF event email invite for a new Hidden Valley Ranch program celebrating unattractive food using the beautiful photo imagery provided for this project. 


#GreatAssist Social

a graphic was needed to promote a twitter campaign

Description: to promote the us women's national soccer team great assist campaign in partnership with hidden valley ranch. 

My Contribution

I had to pipe a soccer net out of ranch dressing! Definitely a unique task.