My Reco's for Online Photography Classes

I've compiled online resources I would recommend to get you started with learning photography at home. Listed are blogs, video tutorials and self paced classes that are fun and easy to digest because so many photography resources can be SUPER technical and sometimes not very substantial. These links will guide you towards creating inspired imagery based on current trends by the top photographers and instructors of today. Some will show you step-by-step how to compose an image using basic photography tricks that will always deliver –  but only if you practice! Photography is what you make of it so try new things and experiment. Every image you create is a step toward your next one. ENJOY the journey & don't forget to tell me all about it!

Creative Live

My favorite resource, and it's free if you tune in! Creative Live has live broadcast videos for free everyday. I've watched a few really great and some so-so videos... but they were free and taught me something I wouldn't have learned otherwise. Creative Live also has something called Photography Week, where they offer tons of educational videos led by successful photographers. 

A Beautiful Mess

A best friend creative team started in scrapbooking and moved on to a successful blog and app. I've purchased
a few classes and photoshop actions that have elevated my work. Below is a gear guide blog post, photography tips, classes, actions and the smartphone app. ABM is geared towards a female audience. 

Note: Actions are for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop users. If you want to use ABM filters for your social media posts, DL the app - A Color Story, for your smart phone!

Brit + Co

I discovered Brit + Co while working at a PR firm. They were a photography studio based in SF staging wonderful shoots for brands. Today they have developed into a powerhouse studio, blog & shop for entrepreneurial creatives. B+C photo styling inspired me initially to keep them as a trusted resource. A nice thing is you can purchase these classes as a gift for someone else, too! 


Like Creative Live, Skillshare is another resource that will teach you anything about everything. Do a bit of research on the instructor before you buy individual classes, see if their work aligns with yours or is in the same style you strive for. Skillshare Premium gives you full and unlimited access to all Skillshare classes for under $100 - I was able to expense my membership through a client because its constant education in an industry that is always evolving. I was able to watch and listen to videos as I was working.